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Custom Web Development

Custom Website & Application Development

Some ideas require custom solutions. At Discover Media our web developers work in all mainline programming languages to create websites and web applications, api development, one off landing pages and other technical aspects of websites as well as iPhone and Andriod Apps.

Working closely with our clients, we determine what requirements need to be met and build the proper solution(s). Our web development team collaborates with our design team to assure that your website, not only "works", but is aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly. The collaboration starts with the conversation of what platform is best for the client all the way through making sure the design, layout, prototypes, and wireframes all work in concert together.

Web App & Mobile App Development

These days it can seem nearly impossible to navigate the technical jargon or keep track of the latest buzzwords - we're here to help!

Apps, or Mobile Apps are built on non-web languages, can be submitted to their respective app stores and downloaded to your mobile device. Web applications are built on web languages and are utilized from within your browser. Discover Media can help you determine which is the best fit for your idea..

WordPress Development

The easy-to-use blogging software is more than a simple CMS. WordPress is an industry standard now with the support and community to go along with it. Ultra-flexibility, easy-to-use plugins, and API integrations make WordPress the best choice of content management system for most solutions out there. Gone are the days of complicated site upgrades (Security!?) and rough maintenance schedules; WordPress is here to save the day, as well as your marketing budget.

Commerce Platform Development

Discover Media develops on existing e-commerce website frameworks in order to fit your needs. We select from a set of secure, stable shopping carts and find the best one to develop for your solution and to meet your organization’s needs.

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