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Paid search marketing is one of the most powerful tools at any company's disposal in their marketing toolbox.

Discover Media specializes in multi-platform PPC campaign strategy and management. We help companies make money using PPC. We develop strategies based on our years of experience in PPC and exposure to a wide range of industry-specific marketing knowledge. Working with clients of all sizes, managing PPC efforts from large enterprise clients to startups and SMBs, we've helped clients grow their companies with PPC. Let us put our expertise to work for your company.

What is PPC Pay Per Click / Paid Search?

Paid search allows top placement in search engines for your offerings/ads, instantaneously. No other medium allows the degree of targeting based on buyer intent, demographic makeup and tight location parameters. Paid search is an effective and rapid way to reach customers.

By bidding on keywords you would like your company to appear for, your advertisements are inserted into the search results of prospects.

PPC is marketed to businesses as easy to create and make money from. In reality, PPC can be very complex, especially in highly competitive marketplaces. For a PPC campaign to be successful it must be monitored and managed to ensure metrics are achieved, budget is being spent efficiently and the campaign is adjusted based on the marketplace intelligence gathered.

Google & Bing Search Marketing

Search Platforms

Google represents about 80% of all search traffic where as Bing / Yahoo comprises the other 20% of the search market, so to speak. The power of search PPC is that a company can target a buyer in different stages of a buying funnel. As a buyer moves down the funnel, the cost to market to them goes up because the demand of a buyer in the final stage of a sale is high.

Text, display and video (YouTube & Vimeo) ads are utilized in search marketing strategy. We create strategies to help find the keywords that generate traffic for a specific stage(s) of your buying funnel and optimize campaigns for profit and ROI.

Facebook, Instragram & Twitter Marketing

Social Platforms

The power of Facebook is undeniable. With over a billion monthly users, its reach is immense with vast amounts of demographic data in every corner of the world. Making money from this incredible resource requires experience and correctly targeting audiences with a message that resonates engagement. Facebook is an effective platform for B2C & B2B clients.

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